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Town Council

The Council of the Town of Yarrow Point is its governing body.  It consists of five resident Council members and one resident Mayor elected at large by registered voters residing in the Town.  Each member serves a four-year- term and is eligible for re-election without term limits.

Yarrow Point's current Mayor and Council are:

Mayor Dicker Cahill    


Council members       

  • Position No. 1        Stephan Lagerholm                           (term expires in 2021)
  • Position No. 2        Carl Scandella, Mayor Pro Tem        (term expires in 2019)
  • Position No. 3        Mary Elmore                                       (term expires in 2021)
  • Position No. 4        Andy Valaas                                       (term expires in 2019)
  • Position No. 5        Steve Bush                                         (term expires in 2021)



The Council's mission is to implement by legislation and policy decisions, the actions necessary to prudently preserve and enhance Yarrow Point's environment and to actively encourage community involvement in government through communication of issues and thoughtful response to residents' concerns.


Regular Council meetings are held at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of each month at Town Hall.  Agendas for regular Council meetings are posted at Town Hall at least four days before the meeting.  Special Council meetings may be held from time to time as issues warrant.  Notices and agendas for a special meeting are posted at Town Hall at least 24 hours before the special meeting.

Council meetings represent grassroots politics at its best; citizens are encouraged to appear at meetings and speak to their elected representatives directly about issues of concern to them during the meeting.  Citizens wishing to contact members of the Council outside of the Council meeting may do so by calling the Town Hall at (425) 454-6994 or emailing staff using one of the email links on the Administration page of this website.

The Mayor presides over Council meetings and serves as the Town's Chief Executive Officer. The Mayor has the authority to appoint staff to assist in implementing the executive duties of the Town and to appoint citizens to serve on the other advisory commissions and boards of the Town, with consent of the Council.

The Council is responsible for establishing the policies, direction, and goals of the Town through the passage of ordinances, resolutions, and policy statements.  They also are charged with authorizing the Town's annual operating budget and its monthly expenditures.

 Approved Minutes from 2015, 2016, and 2017



Approved minutes of recent Council meetings can be viewed by choosing from the list above.  Please keep in mind that minutes are only a summation of the proceedings of the Council meeting and are not a verbatim transcript.  If you would prefer to obtain a recording of a particular Council meeting, please call the Town Hall at (425) 454-6994 to arrange for a copy to be made for a nominal fee.


Recent Ordinances


Ordinance 669 - 2016 Budget Amendment

Ordinance 673 - Parking Zones Established

Ordinance 674 - Parking Violations and Penalties

Ordinance 675 - Moratorium

Ordinance 676 - Revised Moratorium

Ordinance 677 - Support to Moratorium

Ordinance 678 - Construction Activities - Hours of Work

Ordinance 679 - Exclusion of Eaves and Gutters From Required the Setback Areas

Ordinance 680 - CIP 2018-2023

Ordinance 681 - Building Site Requirements

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