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Public Works Department

Town of Yarrow Point
Public Works Department
4030 - 95th Ave NE
Yarrow Point, WA 98004

Please direct your requests for inspection to:

Stacia Schroeder, Town Engineer

(206) 276-8922    email

Please direct administrative permitting questions to:

Anastasiya Mishkova, Town Clerk

(425) 454-6994    email

The Town of Yarrow Point – Public Works Department issues the following permits:

  • Site Development Permits (YPMC Title 20) 

  • Right of Way Use Permits (YPMC 12.04)

  • Encroachment Agreements (YPMC 12.24)




1.) Each utility company/ agency requires an approved Town of Yarrow Point ROW Use permit prior to

    processing any applications for modified or new service.

2.) Each utility company/ agency has their own design and construction standards. Additional fees

    payable directly to the utility, above and beyond those charged by the Town of Yarrow Point, are


3.) Each utility connection (i.e. power, phone, cable, water, sewer, storm drain, etc.) requires a

    separate ROW Use Permit. The Town utilizes a separate permit for each company/ agency, and

    department within the agency, to track construction performed in the right-of-way.


The Town of Yarrow Point – Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Town’s Planning Department,

reviews all applications related to the subdivision of land (YPMC Title 16):


  • Preliminary Plat, >4 lots (YPMC 16.12)

  • Final Plat (YPMC 16.24) 

  • Short Plat, <4 lots (YPMC 16.28) 

  • Boundary Line Adjustment (YPMC 16.32)



Yarrow Point