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For the most recent information on the SR520 Project, please visit


You will be able to sign up for direct e-mail updates, read about any upcoming closures, and review the project design. 

 For specific questions or comments, call the project hotline number at 425- 998-5200

For more information also check out the links below.

Local Circulation and Access Review

Traffic shift at 92nd Avenue Northeast 

April 25, 2012 Letter from WSDOT

SR520 Drawspan Reference Guide

WSDOT Drawspan Press Release

March 2, 2012 Letter from WSDOT   

March 12, 2012 Letter from WSDOT  

SR 520 Construction Activities

Construction Schedule

NE Points Drive Traffic Detours in March                                        

More on Roundabout Safety from WSDOT

Roundabout Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes

Feb 1, 2012 Letter from WSDOT

92nd Stop Control Design

Jan 17, 2012 Memo on 92nd Revisions

Jan 11, 2012 Design Fee Summary

Changes to westbound 84th Ave. NE 

July 18, 2011 Roundabout Letter from WSDOT 

Sep 16, 2011 Letter From WSDOT 

WSDOT Roundabout Saftey Letter

Roundabout Information from MRSC

Roundabout Benefits

Roundabout Fact Sheet 

Roundabout Resolutions

Points Loop Trail Closure




SR 520 Eastside Construction Activities  2012 

Yarrow Point